INtuitive Painting

An open invitation into courage and self-discovery

We Are Made To Create

As Play Therapists and Sand Tray Therapists, we know the power that creativity and play have in helping people connect, grow, and heal. Nurturing our creativity is essential to our well-being, because the creative process allows us to explore the complexity within us and the world around us. 

Creativity in art, music, and movement is a rich part of human expression, but is often diluted the older we get. The fact is, most people don’t practice making art as adults because they don’t think of themselves as worthy of the artist label. You might think you can’t paint or aren’t creative, but we know differently.

You are uniquely gifted to create, and with an open mind you can discover so much through the creative process.

What Is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive painting helps us explore our inner workings and discover healing through art. Luckily, you don’t need any experience painting or have to be an artist!

Intuitive art is a creative process that allows us to overcome our inner judgement, shame, and perfectionism while learning to trust our intuition, wisdom, and practice self-compassion.

Even as adults, we can play, explore color, shapes, and images, take risks, follow hunches, and just be ourselves in the process. The Intuitive Painting Process is a messy kind of beautiful, where each work is part of a meditative journey of self-exploration.

What Does It Look Like?

Each intuitive painting group starts with unique people living lives filled with everyday challenges. People often come in feeling distracted, anxious, and frustrated. Each session is designed to help you use channel your emotional energy into a deeper connection with paint, brush, canvas, and ultimately yourself.

All group sessions are 2 hours long, and follow a similar format of:

  • Check-ins
  • Music/Movement
  • Meditation
  • Dedicated painting time (with help along the way!)
  • Closing sharing time

You don’t have to call yourself an artist to discover deep meaning through the painting process. Join our next group and see for yourself!

“Brooke is an intuitive artist and facilitator whose calm energy helped me feel safe, confident, and supported just by how she companioned us all. I enjoyed her active visioning opening circle; her unique way of guiding us into our body and preparing to paint felt freeing and expansive. Brooke held beautiful non- judgmental space for me to explore the entire range of how I was feeling and showing up to the “canvas” and  paint that day, and I was feeling A LOT. Brooke’s gently playful, open, accepting, nurturing presence helped me roll with what was coming up and put my inner critic in a loving “time out”. Soon, I was so in the flow that the rest of class went by in a flash! For me, someone with Anxiety and Complex PTSD, that’s HUGE, and requires a lot of trust. She created safe and accepting space for that. Brooke’s confident and gentle guidance helped me feel safe to trust her and the process, and that she, and her circle truly can hold it all. What a gift. Thank you!”

-Tina P.

“I have had the honor and the privilege of immersing myself in the intuitive creative process with Brooke as guide and facilitator. Brooke’s authenticity is palpable – I feel it in my bones. Her magic is an inherent desire to go deep within from a place of curiosity and wonder. Her heartfelt presence is like a warm blanket of safety that gives me, and others, permission to do the same. Brooke is truly a beautiful being.”

-Kate E.

“Brooke sees you when you are painting. Her ability to really be with you and sit with you really helps deepen this amazing intuitive and creative painting process. Brooke’s joy is contagious and is really a great feeling as she adds a sense of play and wonder to this intuitive painting exploration. I have been fortunate to have painted with Brooke and felt the depth of her wonder and her care while exploring the depths of my creativity through intuitive painting. She has helped me explore some deep caves, and I always knew I would be held.”

-Christine S.

“Heart-driven, Authentic, Curious & Outgoing – Brooke’s open & insightful nature are truly inviting.”

-Gisele R.

“Brooke. Fiercely resilient warrior woman – juggling a job, a husband, and 5 children. A generous spirit. You reminded me of the importance of play. Your warm and gentle facilitation style creates a feeling of safety. Your consistent willingness to be authentic and vulnerable – you served as a model of emotional courage for all of us.”

-Vicki P.

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